Homelessness Fam

Our donation program is in place to help all those that are in need of help such as homeless, abused women & children, wounded warriors and much more. We are a division of The Giving Days Foundation which has over 20 years dedicated to helping those in need.


California is one of the cities with the most homeless people, in 2015 just in the city of Los Angeles, there were reported to have had 13,952 homeless people, half of them were war veterans, the other portions were women and children. Within these 13,952 homeless small couples of families were found. Homelessness here is not going to be solved overnight because our numbers are among the highest in the nation. Typically, families become homeless as a result of some unforeseen financial crisis. But among ourselves, we can create a change and help homelessness drop or even make it disappear. Haul It Away as open the doors and has started helping hundreds of homeless change their lives around and find a real home. We have started changing lives of many homeless in the cities of Orange County, Garden Grove and Los Angeles and continue to do so. Removing junk from someone yard or office doesn’t just help you but also feeds and gives to those in need.



Help keep your community be clean give us a call or contact us for information on how you can get free hauling services.


 Donate Today And A Family of The Streets 

Every dollar received goes straight to our Homeless Program.